Analyst Claims iPhone 16 Pro Will Sport Taller Screens

iPhone 14 Pro Max / iPhone 14

The iPhone 15 has not even been officially announced yet, and the internet has already started talking about the iPhone 16. Specifically the screen sizes of the Pro and Pro Max models at that. Analyst Ross Young has shared what he claims to be leaks about the two models of next year’s Apple smartphones.

In a few tweets, Young claims that the Pro models of next year’s iPhone 16 will be sporting new screen sizes. A follow up tweet sees two sizes being mentioned, which are 6.2x and 6.8x inches, presumably for the Pro and Pro Max models respectively. Worth noting though are the numbers in the second decimal place not being mentioned clearly, so we’re talking about a range of 6.20 to 6.29 and 6.80 to 6.89 inches.

Following up on the initial tweet, Young also says that the “aspect ratio will increase slightly on the iPhone 16 Pro models”. No mention as to what the exact aspect ratio will be either, unfortunately. Though this likely means that the larger models in the family will be a little more comfortable to hold, what with it being a little narrower. The rising trend of vertical videos may also have something to do with the change in aspect ratio.

iPhone 14 Pro Max
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On one hand, Young is a noted analyst when it comes to displays, and his predictions have been more accurate than not. But on the other, as mentioned earlier, it seems a bit much to be talking about next year’s models when this year’s have not even seen the light of day. So as usual, it’s best to take this with a pinch of salt. Beyond that, there are more exciting things about the next upcoming iPhones than just the screen. Chief of them being the potential for a capacitive volume rocker that seemingly didn’t make the cut for this year.

(Source: Ross Young / Twitter)

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