Steam Is Giving Away Two Games Free For A Limited Time

While Steam is commonly where you get games at big discounts, it’s not so often you get games completely for free. But now, the digital platform is giving away two titles at no cost. They are Between Two Castles and Project Mercury. And it’s quite the timely giveaway, with the extended Movement Control Order (MCO).

Between Two Castles is a puzzle game that requires you to complete the orders of a Mad King. You can either cooperate with another player, or even an AI, to complete the castle. But it’s also a competition at the same time, as only one person can win. If you’re familiar with the board game that the game is based on, then you’ll now your way around this game.

Project Mercury Steam

Project Mercury is a lot more straightforward. Think action-adventure platformer, similar to the likes of Contra and Mega Man. It also comes with a retro look, if you need a break from all the modern titles you’re currently blazing through.

Steam is giving away Between Two Castles for free until 31 March 2020. Project Mercury will remain free for a little longer, until 6 April. Of course, you should just claim them both while you’re at it.


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