Beats Studio Buds Plus Leaks Via Amazon; To Launch On 18 May

Beats Studio Buds Plus Amazon leak

Last month, we saw reports of a Plus model for the Beats Studio Buds being in the works, featuring slight improvements over the base model. While there were signs that it was a real product waiting to be announced, a premature listing on online retail site Amazon pretty much spoiled any surprise that the company, or its parent Apple, may have had in store.

The listing has since been removed, but not before other tech news outlets like 9to5Mac and The Verge took a detailed look at what the Beats Studio Buds Plus offered. One that is being noted is the improved active noise cancelling (ANC) that was part of the reports from last month. In the same vein, transparency mode will also see a slight improvement, with better air venting to go with it as well.

Beats Studio Buds Plus white
Source: Amazon via 9to5Mac.

Beyond that, the listing also notes that Beats Studio Buds Plus will have a battery life of 36 hours,. It will also have larger mics for better voice call quality as well as buffing the noise cancelling and transparency modes. And finally, it will also support spatial audio. Though as noted before, these don’t come with Apple-branded chips, so while it might lose out on brand-specific features, it will instead be OS agnostic, and work with both iOS and Android devices.

Beats Studio Buds Plus black
Source: Amazon via 9to5Mac.

Reports of the removed Amazon listing also note that the Beats Studio Buds Plus will come with a price of US$169.95 (~RM758). The was also a 18 May release date attached to the now-removed listing. It’s likely that these will be making their way to the local market, considering the base models did back in 2021. Though it remains to be seen what the price translation will be like. The company will probably release more information once the official launch is done and over with.

(Source: 9to5Mac, The Verge)

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