Hotlink Prepaid Pantas Gets 20GB More Data For A Limited Time

Hotlink Prepaid Pantas pass

Maxis first announced the Hotlink Prepaid Pantas plan early last year to replace the Internet 365 plan. Since then, these prepaid plan’s passes have gone through a fair amount of changes, with the original passes having been completely replaced. More recently, the telco has brought down the price of the pass, while also bumping up the monthly data allocation. In addition to these changes, the telco is also throwing in additional bonus data for a limited time.

Specifically, the previous Hotlink Pantas pass that cost RM40 now costs RM35. In the same vein, while this previously provided customers with 25GB of mobile data, this has been bumped up to 30GB. So it’s an improvement in every way, giving customers more data while costing less. Beyond just data, the pass maintains its unlimited calls provision that it had from before.

maxis hotlink prepaid pantas
[Photo: Hotlink]

In addition to the improvement to price and data quota, Maxis is also giving Hotlink Pantas subscribers a chance to claim a total of five 20GB bonus high-speed data vouchers. Each voucher can be redeemed via the Hotlink app with in-app purchase of the RM35 pass. Once you’ve claimed them, you can use one every month, with the caveat being you can only use them alongside a purchase of the aforementioned RM35 pass. And you’ll have to use up all five passes by December of this year.

Overall, there is the bump in value for the priciest Hotlink Pantas prepaid pass, which is nice for those who make use of it. The biggest boost being a short term one unfortunately. You can find out more about these passes by visiting Hotlink’s website, linked here. Incidentally, this comes just around the time the Hotlink Postpaid plans got their own permanent 10GB boost across two available plans, the Hotlink Postpaid 40 and Hotlink Postpaid 60.

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