OpenAI Launches Official ChatGPT App For iOS

OpenAI ChatGPT Launches Mobile App For iOS

OpenAI today has launched the official ChatGPT mobile app for iOS, which offers you access to its GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 API powered AI chatbot directly via your iPhone. The application is distributed by the company for free, though users in Malaysia will have to wait as it is available only in the US for now.

Based on what’s previewed on the Apple App Store, the mobile version looks and functions more or less like the web version of ChatGPT. Moreover, it also features the firm’s “Whisper” open-source speech recognition system, which enables users to use voice input as an alternative to typing. OpenAI adds that those on its ChatGPT Plus subscription get exclusive access to GPT-4 capabilities, on top of gaining early access to upcoming features as well as getting faster response times.

It’s also worth noting that the ChatGPT mobile app syncs across all of your devices, provided that you sign in on all of them with the same account. This enables you to access all of your conversation history, as well as giving you the ability to export data and delete or rename logged conversations.

However, keep in mind that not all features make it to the app. These include newly introduced plugins which lets the chatbot interact with third-party APIs to retrieve real-time information or even conduct assistant-like tasks. OpenAI did not say whether such extra features will eventually make their way to the mobile-friendly version of ChatGPT.

OpenAI ChatGPT Launches Mobile App For iOS
Image: Apple

As mentioned earlier, the app is currently available to iOS users in the US, but the company promises to expand the rollout to “additional countries” in the coming weeks. Whether or not Malaysia is included in that list is uncertain, but we’ll keep you posted if that ends up being the case. And for those who are on Android, OpenAI is assuring that ChatGPT is indeed coming to the platform “soon”.

Oh, and we would also like to remind our readers to be wary of malware apps posing as ChatGPT or offering similar services for mobile devices. These suspicious software have been popping up aplenty in both Apple App Store and Google Play as of late, so it’s best to avoid them for your safety.

(Source: OpenAI [official blog] / Apple App Store)

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