Celcom Extends 5G Trial Access Until 30 April 2023

Celcom 5G Live Cluster Field Trial speed demo mmWave

Celcom has announced that it is extending is 5G trial access for subscribers of its MEGA Postpaid, Xpax Postpaid and Xpax Prepaid plans. The new end date for this trial access period is 30 April.

Back in November of 2022, Celcom started opening up 5G access to the aforementioned plans. Subscribers will also be able to access faster mobile internet while roaming. The specific plans are listed below:

  • MEGA Lightning 80
  • MEGA Lightning 98
  • MEGA Lightning 128
  • MEGA Lightning 158
  • MEGA Lightning 188
  • Xpax Postpaid 40
  • Xpax Postpaid 60
  • Xpax Prepaid RM35 Monthly Internet Pass
  • Xpax Prepaid RM45 Monthly Internet Pass
Celcom Langkawi trials
Celcom PDRM 5G Live Surveillance Langkawi Trials 2019

All that being said, it is not yet clear what will actually happen when the trial period ends. According to the FAQ page on the Celcom website, subscribers to the above plans will no longer have access to 5G connectivity. But according to SoyaCincau, a previous version of the same page notes that there will instead be a monthly RM10 access fee for those who want to continue enjoying 5G mobile data.

There is also the possibility that the telco will continue providing 5G access to subscribers of applicable plans at no additional cost.  As for which one it will ultimately be, Celcom tells us that another announcement will be made to address this closer to the 30 April end date.

On that note, Celcom also says that it will “soon be introducing more 5G offers with the flexibility for customers to choose their preferred 5G experience”. For now, it’s unclear what this means besides the possibility of newer plans or Mix & Match combination possibilities on the prepaid side of things. The telco says that “more information on these new products will be announced in Q2 2023”. Chances are it will happen closer to the 30 April date, coinciding with this 5G trial period.

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