Unifi Mobile Introduces RM25 Monthly Prepaid Pass With 30GB Quota

unifi mobile prepaid uni5g bebas

TM is rolling out a new monthly pass for prepaid Unifi Mobile users, offering a sizeable data quota instead of just unlimited data passes. The prepaid plan is parked under its Uni5G branding, which offers prepaid passes with both 4G and 5G data.

When Uni5G first launched, the only monthly prepaid plan available was the RM35 unlimited pass, which offered unlimited 4G and 5G data as well as unlimited calls and 10GB of hotspot use. Now there is a new monthly pass that costs less for those who might not need as much data but a bigger hotspot quota.

unifi mobile prepaid uni5g bebas RM25 monthly pass
Image: Unifi

The new RM25 plan gives you 30GB of data and hotspot usage, which is not shabby for the savings when considering that the “unlimited” pass has a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) that was recently reduced from 100GB to 60GB. That being said, the biggest downside to the pass is that it does not include calls, which means you have to pay a rate of 20 sen per minute for calls or purchase a RM7 add-on for 60 minutes of talktime.

The hotspot quota for the RM35 monthly pass used to be 10GB but it has been slashed to just 5GB starting from 9 February. This means that with the new monthly quota plan, users still get half the unlimited data cap (which might be more than what most people need) and you also get six times as much of a hotspot quota while saving RM10 per month.

unifi mobile prepaid uni5g bebas starter pack
Image: Unifi

Of course, there are other options for you to choose from depending on your needs and usage. Uni5G still offers a weekly unlimited pass at RM12 with 3GB of hotspot, a RM3 daily unlimited pass with 1GB of hotspot, and a RM1 two-hour unlimited pass with no hotspot quota. The weekly and daily passes have an FUP cap of 20GB and 10GB respectively and just like the RM25 plan, they do not come with talktime minutes.

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