You Can Now Directly Sell Your Phone To Carousell

sell to carousell

Last year, Carousell introduced InstantBuy Mobile, which lets you buy secondhand phones from vetted vendors with guaranteed conditions and warranties. Now the platform is taking it one step further by offering to let you sell your phone directly to Carousell, saving you the hassle of finding a buyer yourself.

Sell to Carousell was first introduced in Singapore earlier this year and is supported by Laku6, an AI diagnostics technology that was acquired by the company in 2022. With this feature launching in Malaysia, users can now opt to get an instant cashout instead of putting it on the marketplace, although it’s only available on the mobile app for now.

sell to carousell

When you tap on the sell button on the app, you will now see an option to sell to Carousell, which seems to still be in beta. While the promo page says the company is currently only accepting phones from Apple, Samsung, OPPO, and Xiaomi, the actual feature seems to also accept brands such as Huawei, OnePlus, realme, and vivo.

sell to carousell


Once you’ve picked your exact model, you will also need to disclose the condition of the phone’s screen, body, and battery, as well as any other issues with it. You can then get an instant quote for your phone based on the grade and then you may schedule a pickup for an agent to inspect the device before giving you your payout.

We tried this out with a 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max and based on its condition that we disclosed, it gave it a grade of A- with a buyout offer of RM2,232. While you would definitely lose some money by choosing this over finding a buyer yourself, it isn’t far from the RM2,500 to RM2,600 listings we found for the exact same model on the Carousell marketplace.

sell to carousell
Image: Carousell

Doorstep pickups are currently only available in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Carousell’s promo page says that you could also drop off the phone or even trade it in, but we couldn’t find those options anywhere in the feature, so it might possibly be added in the future.

(Source: Carousell)

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