Discord Currently Testing Noise Suppression Feature For Chat On Desktop

As many of us work from home to flatten COVID-19 curve, the gamers among us are undoubtedly using Discord to chat and stay in constant contact, during work and play. Recently, the voice VoIP platform announced that it was testing out a new feature that works on suppressing background noise.

The platform announced that it had rolled out a beta version of the noise suppression feature, which was developed in partnership with Krisp.ai. As per its official blog post, the feature is designed to detect and remove background noises that happens around you. Leaving only your voice to be clearly heard.

Some of these noises can include the sound of your fan blowing in your room, background chatter from next door, or even gardening work that’s happening just outside the window. Whatever the noise, the feature should, in effect, remove it and ensure that nobody on the receiving end can hear them.

Discord also put down a sort of disclaimer, stating that no voice, user, video, or any data that is streamed through its platform is ever shared outside of it. For those who are unaware, that statement is a dig at Zoom and its recent security woes.

At the time of writing, Discord’s feature has been available for desktop users since yesterday, albeit still in early beta. For now, the feature isn’t available for the mobile version of the app, but the good news is, the company is already working on that.

(Source: Discord)

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