Instagram Live Now Available On Web Browsers

Those who are into live streaming are probably aware of Instagram live. But for the longest time, it has been a mobile app-only thing. The social media platform has since added support for the feature on web browsers. So now, you can watch live Instagram broadcasts on more devices than before.

There have been some slight user interface improvements as well to accommodate the possibility of using a larger screen. When you’re watching a live broadcast on a browser on a desktop or laptop screen, the scrolling comments are moved to the side. The live broadcast will still be in portrait mode though.

Instagram Live browser

It can still be considered an improvement over the mobile experience though, depending on the chat activity. Since on mobile, the comments come from the bottom of the video, paying attention to both can be quite difficult. This is especially for very popular broadcasts, where things can get hectic really fast.

Everything else about watching an Instagram Live stream is similar to the mobile experience. Overall, this can only be seen as an improvement. After all, most of us will be stuck at home at this time, and have access to a larger screen anyway.

(Source: Android Police)

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