Netflix Is Reducing Its Streaming Quality In Malaysia

After implementing it in Europe last week, Netflix is reducing its streaming quality in Malaysia as well. The move was taken to provide some relief on the stress that is being faced by the network infrastructure in Malaysia during the on-going Movement Control Order period.

The implementation is similar to what the company has activated in Europe whereby Netflix is reducing 25% of its traffic in Malaysia. Naturally, this will affect the video quality of the service but Netflix insists that subscribers will continue to be able to watch its contents at the resolution they paid for, just at slightly lower quality.

According to the company’s representative, Netflix decided to implement this not because the Malaysian government or Internet Service Provider (ISP) have requested for it. Instead, the move was taken to ensure that all Netflix users still able to experience the service as best as they can despite the traffic increase.

The traffic reduction in Malaysia goes official starting from today onwards at 12 AM and will last for the next 30 days. If you are wondering, no, Netflix is not planning to provide any special rewards or reduce its subscription fee for Malaysian customers while this implementation is in motion.

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