Someone Has Just Created Gardenia Truck Inside A Video Game

The on-going Movement Control Order (MCO) period has certainly revealed some surprising things about Malaysians. For example, it seems that the folks in Peninsular Malaysia are quite obsessed with Gardenia bread to the extend that the brand has to push its production beyond its standard max capacity by 5% just to cater to consumers’ demand during MCO.

There was also a recent report that someone has stolen a Gardenia transport lorry in Sri Petaling which eventually was found again at Kemaman in Terengganu some 13 hours later. Now, we don’t why would steal a Gardenia lorry but if you somehow feel the urge to drive such vehicle, maybe you can try what a local gamer, Luqman Mohd Yusof did below as shown on his channel, RcX Gaming:

What you are looking at here is basically a mod of Vovlo GlobeTrotter with Gardenia branding inside the famed driving game, the Euro Truck Simulator 2. Luqman has even changed the tune of the truck’s honk to Baby Shark, which made things even more hilarious.

Aside from this Gardenia truck, Luqman has also previously driven a number of mods that feature Malaysian companies such as Lazada and Atlas Edible Ice (seriously). We’ve since reached out to Luqman for additional insights regarding the Gardenia truck mod and have also asked on how other gamers can get their hands on the truck.

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