MySejahtera Will Soon Allow You To Schedule Dental Appointments

The MySejahtera app will soon expand its function and allow users to schedule dental appointments via the app. This is in addition to other functions and health-related features added to the app.

The announcement was made via the official MySejahtera Twitter account. However, at the time of writing, the posting lacked detailed information about how it plans to implement the service. However, based on the app’s interaction with commenters, it had ensured one user that walk-ins and directly contacting the public dental facility is still the best option, at least until this new segment of the app becomes fully active. For that matter, the app also hasn’t provided the official list of government dental clinics that will be a part of this new initiative.

The move to expand MySejahtera comes just months after the app instated the ability for users to schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments at government clinics through the Klinik Kesihatan Services tab. As per our previous report, among the public health services that can be booked through MySejahtera include outpatient treatment, visits under the National Health Screening Initiative (NHSI), pre-employment & education medical check-ups, PeKa B40 health screenings, and pre-marital screenings. In addition to that, the feature also covers consultation sessions for the Quit Smoking initiative and family planning, in addition to various minor medical procedures such as wound dressing and removal of surgical sutures.

The desire to expand the functionality of MySejahtera is also, without a doubt, part of the government’s plan to prolong the longevity of the app, given the millions of ringgit that were spent on its development, by turning it into a national health platform. The app was deployed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and at one point, served as an “entry-pass” to the entire nation, wherever they wanted to gain access to restaurants, malls, and other venues that required a low-risk status from its users.

MySejahtera Infectious Disease Tracker

It hasn’t been all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows for the MySejahtera app either. Just last month, it was discovered that the app suffered a security breach back in 2021, with the personal data of three million users having been stolen and then sold online for a mere US$250 (~RM1120).

(Source: Twitter)

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