Samsung Permanently Slashes RM 400 Off All Galaxy S22 Ultra Configurations

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Ultra price discount reduction malaysia

Samsung Malaysia today has announced revised local pricing for the Galaxy S22 series, its flagship smartphone trio that was released last year. While not too drastic, all three models have received price reductions in order to make them more affordable to own. This is especially so with the Ultra variant, where its starting configuration has now dropped within the RM 4K mark.

Seeing that Samsung had only launched its Galaxy S23 series last month, it’s only natural for the older models to be placed on discount in order to make way for the newer releases. To be completely frank, these newly revised prices aren’t as “epic” as the company claims them to be, but they’re still worth looking into if you don’t mind saving a couple of hundred ringgit off from the original retail values.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Pre-order Promo
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Image: Samsung)

Prior to this, pricing for the 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB configurations of the Galaxy S22 Ultra were priced at RM 5,099, RM 5,499 and RM 5,899 respectively. Effective immediately, Samsung’s revision sees all three trims at RM 400 off – bringing their pricing down to RM 4,699, RM 5,099 and RM 5,499.

The same price reduction amount also applies to the Plus variant of the Galaxy S22, though this is only for the 256 GB configuration, which is now offered at RM 3,899. Samsung Malaysia’s website currently lists the 128 GB model as “coming soon”, but it is not stated whether it will also be discounted upon restock.

Samsung Galaxy S22 S24 Series Variants
Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus (Image: Samsung)

The standard Galaxy S22, on the other hand, only gets RM 200 off for all of its memory configurations. After reduction, Samsung is now offering the 128 GB and 256 GB models for RM 3,299 and RM 3,499 respectively. It’s worth noting that the former configuration is listed as “coming soon” on the brand’s online store at the time of writing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series (Image: Samsung)

Despite being a generation older, all three Samsung Galaxy S22 variants are still excellent phones. This is especially with the Galaxy Note-like Ultra model, which you can find out more from our extensive review of the device. So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a Snapdragon 8 series device, and a Samsung one at that, perhaps this price revision could help you come up with a decision.

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