NVIDIA, AMD Join HPC Consortium In Fight Against Coronavirus

Several big names in the tech industries recently banded together and joined the High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium. The consortium, which is basically a collective of “industry, academia, and federal agencies”, will be banding together with the goal of helping to find and develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

To be precise, the tech giants will be donating their AI tools and supercomputers’s processing power to the consortium. In order to help accelerate detection methods, as well as to create better and more efficient methods in containing and treating COVID-19.

Of these companies, NVIDIA is, unsurprisingly, one of the members of this consortium. Having dedicated its own task force of computer scientists, all of which have a background in drug discovery, molecular dynamics, AI, and supercomputing.

AMD is also another company that is part of the HPC Consortium, and will be contributing resources from its Radeon Instinct-powered supercomputers towards the cause. On another note, IBM, who is also a Consortium member, will be contributing its own set of AI deep search tools to the group. Along with resources from its supercomputers.

NVIDIA SATURNV Supercomputer. (Image source: NVIDIA)

At current, the combined efforts of all members of in the HPC Consortium will offer 402 Petaflops of performances. Drawn out from 105,334 nodes, more than 3.5 million CPU cores, and almost 42000 GPUs. A list of components that, by the way, continues to grow each day.

(Source: COVID-19 HPC Consortium, Techspot, Twitter // Image: Techspot)

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