Skype Introduces Meet Now Video Call Feature

Skype has introduced a new and quick video call feature in response to the surge of video conferencing usage during social distancing. Called “Meet Now”, this function allows users to set up a meeting for free via a website page, and without the need to register or download.

The company adds that even hosts wouldn’t need to have Skype installed in order to use this feature. Users can start the process by accessing the Meet Now page and simply invite others via a link or the share button.

Existing Skype users who receive the invitation will be able to access the video call in the app itself. Additionally, users on Meet Now will also have access to most of the platform’s features such as call recording, background blurring, and even screen sharing.

You can try out the new quick video call feature yourself at its web page via the link below. For those wondering, the feature also works on mobile browsers.

(Source: Skype / Meet Now page)

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