More iPhone 15 Pro CAD Renders Show Volume Buttons With Action Button

iPhone 15 Pro render

The pendulum has been swinging wildly when it comes to rumours about the iPhone 15 Pro. Initially, we saw reports, including some CAD renders, that it will have a unified capacitive volume rocker, with the mute switch being replaced with an action button reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra. Then things swung hard in the other direction, with analysts saying that Apple will use the more traditional button design due to technical issues in implementing the capacitive volume rocker.

Now, it looks like another set of CAD renders indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro will end up being somewhere in between.  According to the renders obtained by 9to5Mac, the Pro model will indeed feature physical buttons, with the volume buttons being separate. But instead of going back to the traditional mute switch, it will remain a button, just not of the capacitive type.

Source: chenwen1987 / Douyin.

While the Pro model has been the talk of the rumour mill, the base model iPhone 15 has not been getting much attention. Not surprising, since Apple usually reserves new tech to the pricier models. But for what it’s worth, for this generation, the base model will be sticking to the good ol’ mute switch, so it will look a lot more conventional, and comparable to the devices that have come before.

Beyond the flip-flopping on the nature of the buttons, the other aspects of the iPhone 15 Pro are a lot less exciting. This includes a camera bump that is apparently larger than the iPhone 14 family but smaller than previous renders suggest, though it would probably take some heavy squinting to tell the difference. The USB-C port looks to be a consistent element throughout the process, which is also nice. But at this rate, we probably should not be too surprised if the rumour mill spits out more inconsistencies with the upcoming devices.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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