91-Percent of Malaysian Hairdressers Reluctant To Resume Their Businesses During MCO

Earlier on Friday, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the extension of the Movement Control Oder (MCO), but also said that certain economic sectors will be allowed to operated during the extended period. In a list announced by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry few hours later, hair cut service is also included in it.

However, it appears hairdressers aren’t quite in agreement with the ruling. According to the Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA), the group says that 91% of hairdressers in the country are not in agreement of providing their hairdressing services for the duration of the MCO period.

One obvious reason for this is because it is impossible to maintain the mandatory one meter social distance when cutting hair. Putting both customer and hairdresser at risk of being infected.

It also doesn’t help that, in the event that a hairdressers should get infected while resuming business during the MCO, the government will not bear any and all medical costs of the infected individuals. The MHA also says that it would only advise hairdressers to open up shop, should the government give hairdressers the same treatment as medical workers.

Even Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, the Director General of Health, is asking all barbers and hairdressers not to resume business during the extended MCO period. At least for this 3rd phase of the MCO.

As for those among you who feel that they absolutely need a haircut, it’s only two more weeks, so we do recommend that you be patient, stay at home, and keep safe. After all, it’s not like you’re going out to a party anytime soon.

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