Bored During the MCO? You Might Want to Check Out this Malaysian Indie Film, Shadowplay

The past few weeks have been unusual, unprecedented and oftentimes depressing because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent Movement Control Order that followed. The Movement Control Order, while necessary can be a little bit uneasy, as people are forced to stay at home and not go out to visit friends and family.

However — and there’s no good way to segue into this — it does give us the opportunity to catch up on some movies and TV series. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve recommended a ton of stuff you can watch while stuck at home, but they’ve mostly been foreign content.

There is one independent film by a Malaysian filmmaker that you just might wanna check out. Tony Pietra Arjuna’s Shadowplay centres around a private eye who takes up a case of a missing university student. While in search of the student, the PI also explores the deepest depths of his own mind to uncover the truth around his childhood. It’s an interesting and trippy neo-noir with gorgeous imagery.

Shadowplay is one of the few Malaysian-made indie films to gain digital distribution in North America before a local release but since cinemas are currently off-limits, now is a perfect time to discover this movie online.

How do you watch it?

Well, the best place to check Shadowplay out would be on Vimeo (click here). It costs $US 4.99 to rent and $US 7.99 to purchase. The film is also available on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and various other digital platforms, but Vimeo is the most accessible for Malaysians.

Shadowplay is directed by Tony Pietra Arjuna and stars Tony Eusoff, Tehmina Kaoosji, Megat Sharizal and Gavin Yap.

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