Huawei Reportedly Preparing To Enter HPC GPU Market; Could Beat Intel To The Punch

Huawei, for the most part, has proven to be pretty resourceful; despite the US ban on China and, indirectly, the brand, the company has created its own mobile app service or simply filling the components void in its devices by simply using non-US parts. Now, it appears that the company has set its eyes on yet another component market: Server GPUs.

According to a report by the South Korean publication, TheElec, the Chinese brand is planning on leaving its mark in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) sector with its first ever HPC server GPU. With a late 2020 release in mind.

To execute this feat, Huawei has reportedly roped in several former NVIDIA engineers, but it has expressed interest in wanting to hire engineers from within South Korea. Unsurprising, especially since that it is the country its HPC GPU department will be set up.

For all intents and purpose, Huawei’s entry into the HPC market is by no means a small feat, especially when you remember that NVIDIA is both a dominant and major market player in that particular market. Having said that, this isn’t the brand’s first time in making its own components and it already has a pretty diverse portfolio. With its Kirin 990 mobile chipset and Ascend 910 processor that is supposedly capable of delivering up to 256 teraflops of half-precision performance.

Another point that should go to Huawei’s HPC GPU endeavours is that if its timetable is to be taken at face value, there’s a very high possibility that the Chinese company could be long time semiconductor maker, Intel, and its long-awaited Xe discrete GPUs to market.

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