Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Reportedly Receives SIRIM Certification

samsung galaxy s23 ultra leak design

With 2023 finally rolled in, it won’t be long until Samsung unveils its yearly flagship lineup, which is expected to happen sometime in February. And should a recent discovery by local database observer Kevin Ng TK be correct, Malaysia could be seeing a local launch of the upcoming Galaxy S23 series around the same time as well.

As always, Kevin’s findings resulted from a quick scan on SIRIM’s database via MCMC’s Check Your Label mobile application. According to a screenshot he provided, it is allegedly revealed that the Ultra variant of the Samsung Galaxy S23 (model name SM-2918B/DS) recently received its SIRIM certification just yesterday on 6 January 2023.

However, upon checking the database ourselves in order to clarify this information, no listing of the upcoming flagship smartphone was found. It is quite possible that Samsung had requested the organisation to unlist the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s entry to maintain secrecy, so Kevin may have been lucky enough to nab a screenshot of it before the takedown. It’s also worth noting that neither the vanilla or the Plus variant of the device are present in the SIRIM database either, though there is a chance that the brand could have managed to delist it before anyone could discover them. Or, they’ve not received their respective approvals just yet.

samsung galaxy s23 plus leak OnLeaks design
Alleged design of the standard Samsung Galaxy S23 (Image: OnLeaks)

To recap previous coverages regarding the upcoming Galaxy S23 series, Samsung so far has confirmed that all three models will feature Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. On the unofficial side of things, leaksters claim that both the vanilla and Plus variants would feature a flat and simplified rear panel design, ditching their predecessors’ protruding vertical bump. The Ultra model, on the other hand, is claimed to sport an almost similar look to last year’s model, but with a less curvier frame. And yes, it is believed that this particular variant will retain the integrated S-Pen feature.

samsung galaxy s23 plus leak OnLeaks design
Alleged design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (Image: OnLeaks)

Specifications-wise, sources say that the standard and Plus versions of the Galaxy S23 would come with flat displays that measure around 6.1 and 6.6 inches respectively, while the high-end Ultra model sports a larger 6.8-inch curved display. In terms of imaging, Samsung pundit and leakster Ice Universe claims that the former two will feature similar triple camera setups as the Galaxy S22, but with improved sensors. Meanwhile, OnLeaks says the imaging system on the Ultra variant will be championed by the brand’s latest ISOCELL HP1 200 MP camera sensor.

samsung galaxy s23 ultra leak design
Alleged design of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Image: OnLeaks)

As usual, we can’t guarantee whether all of the information provided regarding the next generation Samsung flagship smartphones provided by the aforementioned sources are accurate or not, despite their respective track records. Of course, we’ll only know for sure once the South Korean tech giant is ready to share the details when the time comes.

(Source: Kevin Ng TK, via Twitter)

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